Meet Hadley Jo
and Ariel

Meet Hadley Jo and her service dog Ariel. The Molly Johnson Foundation provided money for the support and training necessary for Ariel to be the best service dog she can be for Hadley Jo......

Our Mission

``To make a difference in the lives of special needs children and their families.``

Families We Have Helped

Jake needed a special attachment for his bed to prevent him from falling out. The Molly Johnson Foundation made this purchase for the family.

Colby was in need of a backup generator to power all of his life-preserving equipment in the instance of a power outage. The Molly Johnson Foundation was able to step in and help

Hadley Jo needed training and on-going support for her service dog Ariel. The Molly Johnson Foundation was able to help with this support.

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of Donation $'s Go To Special Needs Children

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – You may have heard about a Louisville man who helped carry an exhausted runner across the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Last week, Mike Korfhage told us that his only regret was shedding the shirt of the charity he was running for, The Molly Johnson Foundation.

Korfhage has been a part of Team Molly for several years, running races all over. The Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon is happening this Saturday and Team Molly will be there running with a purpose.

In the last seven years, Team Molly, the group behind The Molly Johnson Foundation has covered hundreds of miles all over the country.

Where the
money goes

Examples of Where Your Donations Go

  • Handicap Accessibility Renovations
  • Travel Expenses for Families
  • Medical Needs
  • Mobility Products
  • Medical Equipment

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